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Poll on the World Bridge Federation's involvement with the Olympic movement

I am not going to attempt to outline all of the pros and cons, and I am not an expert on this issue.

Some of the positives that have been mentioned include the possibility of money being given by the International Olympic Committee to bridge organizations in certain countries, and raising the visibility of bridge with the general public.

Some of the negatives include devoting resources to things like drug testing (bridge players are a different demographic than athletes), rather than focusing on a significant cheating problem in high-level bridge, and depending on the CAS to make major decisions about bridge, despite a lack of expertise about the game (as is highlighted in the recent decision about Fantoni and Nunes).

I have supported and will continue to support the WBF's involvement with the Olympic movement.
I had supported these efforts in the past, but now believe it is time for the WBF to pull back insofar as is possible from involvement with the Olympic movement.
I never supported devoting WBF resources to this effort, and I continue to oppose this involvement with the Olympic movement.
Originally, I opposed this WBF involvement with the Olympic movement, but now I support it.

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