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Poor pair game movements

Exhibit 1. At a sectional held at our club, 22 tables, 2 eleven table Mitchell sections, 33 boards in play, each pair played 27. Before the game we offered to run a Web movement, the director refused, saying she'd never run one. We told her we run them practically every day, she still refused. With that reasoning, she will never run one.

Exhibit 2. A/X/Y regional pairs. Two 17 table Mitchell sections, 34 boards in play, each pair played 26.

Exhibit 3. NABC+ pairs game, a bunch of 14 table Mitchell sections (28 boards in play, each pair playing 26), plus one Web section (26 boards in play). Why not a bunch of 13 table sections plus a Web section? 

Exhibit 4. Senior pairs at a regional. 36 tables. Perfect for 4 nine table sections, right? No, they ran 3 twelve table Mitchell sections, 36 boards in play, each pair played 27 boards. I thought this was the worst possible, until ...

Exhibit 5. Regional fast pairs, two 11 table Mitchell sections, 33 boards in play, each pair played eight 3 board rounds.


It seems to me that, in this age of dealing machines, there should one inviolable rule : Every pair must play every board (assuming no half table).

Given that, several things follow logically :

1. Mitchell movements of 14 or more tables are always wrong.

2. Mitchell movements of 6, 8, 10, 11, and 12 tables are always wrong.

3. If there are more than 28 boards in play, the wrong movement has been chosen.

4. Board sharing is never required - except for Web sections of 11, 15, 17, or 19 tables, and even then only if there are not 3 sets of boards available.

5. Even with only one set of boards, there are good choices for 6, 8, 10, 11, or 12 tables, no board sharing needed.

6. 14-24 tables require 2 sets of boards. 25 or more tables will require 3 sets of boards.


I know this can be done, because we do it every day with our non-professional directors, even though no other clubs in our area do. Of course, when our players ask "Why are we playing a Double Weave Mitchell, they don't do this at tournaments?", it's hard to say they're wrong.


I don't think this will change until players start complaining. This is me, registering a complaint.

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