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Post 15. The Bridge Magazine 1931. Editors -in-Chief Mr. Milton C. Work & Mr. Charles True Adams

Hello everyone,

I hold in my hand a copy of a Bridge Magazine. I believe it’s exceptionally scarce.   I can find no copy extant anywhere, although there must be some in America and Canada surely.   Even the world’s greatest collection of Bridge books, in the Bodleian Library, doesn’t appear to have it.

Here’s its collation :

The Bridge Magazine, October 1931, Volume I, No. I,

published monthly at 404 N. Wesley Ave., Mount Morris, Ill. by The Bridge Magazine Inc.,

folio ( 8½ by 11¾ inches, 32 pages, paper covers.

Editors -in-Chief were Mr. Milton C. Work & Mr. Charles True Adams.

No mention is made of anything “Culbertson”.   There’s a full page photo of Mr. Wilbur C, Whitehead, with this lovely epithet :

    If the test of a man is the joy that he gave

    And to give others pleasure, he toiled like a slave,

    No slogan is needed to say o’er his grave

                          He served.


     For the thousands he taught how to brighten their lives 

    Have hearts where the thought of his helpfulness thrives,

    Example to each who for worthiness strives ---- 

                           He served.


American Bridge is outside my remit - maybe one day !   But I would like to know what happened to this magazine.   Maybe the large size sealed it’s fate - such a shame because it’s a perfect size for our ageing Bridge population who, maybe, haven’t been to “SpecSavers”..

This is a little test for Richard too - I bet you can’t make a comment this time !

B.W., Ken in B..

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