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Post 21. Attitude of Mind and Acol copyright

Hello everyone,

Just to keep you all informed, my book on the history of "British Bridge Between The Wars" was really finished over a year ago. I’m very thankful to Richard, who kindly took-on the onerous task of proof reading all 500 pages or so.

I’ve spent much of the current year trying to gain copyright permissions. This has involved making contact with family members one way or another. But the main thrust has been to contact newspaper editors, because I make extensive text extracts all over the place. Such can be, and usually are, still in copyright, even though the newspaper itself may not be aware of who the correspondent was etc.

It’s never enough to just email an editor - no no no ! it oftentimes takes several shots followed up by telephone calls. Some editors just agree outright - that’s wonderful. Some want further reassurances. A few require full licensing and in such cases I have had to supply pdf files of every single extract. But what this means is that an aspect of Bridge has been put back on newspaper editors' desks. It seems to me that many editors don’t play the game but often do acknowledge that the game should be encouraged. This is what we must do to “Keep Bridge Alive”, I think.

That classic essay “Attitude of Mind” remains in copyright. The essay does not appear in the “The Acol Two Club, 1938" booklet by Cohen & Reese. That booklet is extremely scarce, as is its second edition under the new title “The Acol System Of Contract Bridge, 1939". I have both, and the essay is in neither, although Mr. Simon does use the term, in passing, in his introduction. The essay itself first appears in the 4th edition, I think, published after the war in 1946 (I haven’t got a copy of the 3rd edition so I can’t check that !).

I want to depict images of my copies of both the Acol books, as well as an extremely scarce pre-war book on Contract Bridge by Mr. Reese (no copies extant in the British research libraries), and some of that essay, in my book, of course. But the issue of Acol copyright remains. And it will continue to be a huge problem for people in the future. Yet, I feel sure that Mr. Reese, Mr. Cohen & Mr. Simon would want the essay and images of the books to be replicated - their greatest gift to the Bridge community. afterall.

I’ve tried to do “the right thing” with regard to copyright and I’ve learnt the hard way how long this can take. Could anyone help with locating copyright owners for any of these persons and I thank Shireen for the help offered in this respect.

Best wishes,Ken.

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