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Precision 1 opener’s 1N Rebid - What’s Legal

Given your agreement is that the 1N rebid by opener shows 17-19 HCP, do the regulations require that it be balanced? This is the auction to consider: 

1* - (P) - 1**- (P)


Where *=1 is 16+ (17+ if balanced) and

**=1 is 0-7 HCP any shape.

The debate centers on whether the 1N rebid is governed by the same requirements as a natural 1N or 2N opening bid.  In ACBL, that generally means not more than 2 doubletons, no doubleton and Singleton, and no Singleton below a Q. If the pair has an agreement to rebid 1N on these more shapely hands outside the prescribed opening bid shape limitations, they should disclose the agreement. Even with disclosure, are artificial asking bids legal by responder?

Is a 1N rebid on unbalanced hands legal? (Are artificial bids by responder allowed?)

Not Legal in my jurisdiction
Legal in my jurisdiction

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