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Preempting the WBF and the ACBL

During the Tenerife scandal, I started claiming that major bridge competitions would inevitably transition to an online playing environment. From my perspective, the combination of

1. Improvements to physical security (blocking covert channels)

2. Perfect record keeping (statistical analysis)

3. Enhancements to Vugraph


seemed too compelling to ignore.

It’s now 10 years later and the world of bridge is being rocked by a much larger and more significant cheating scandal. Coincidentally, a number of folks whose opinion actually matters are beginning to float the proposal about an Electronic Playing Environment. This all leads me to believe that its time to take a more serious look at requirements for an Electronic Playing Environment.

What worries me most about this type of proposal is the (relatively) poor track record that both the ACBL and the WBF have rolling out new tech. Arguably the best way to proceed is for BBO to present said groups with a turn-key solution.

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