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Pressure Bid Weak Twos -- Alertable?

You play Bridge World Standard with your partner, and weak two bids are marked on the card as being 6-10 HCPs.   Most tournaments you play in are governed by the ACBL rules.   

Having just read Robson's Pressure bid book, at the right vulnerability and in the right seat your partnership will make a Weak-Two bid on a strong 5-card suit.  Is this treatment alertable?  Is it necessary to disclose it on the card?  Is is sufficient to put "Pressure Bids -- Please Ask" on the card?

Answer this question from a "rules require" standpoint, rather than from a "it would be nice if you did" standpoint.  Thanks.

1. No additional disclosure is required.
2. Card must disclose specific treatment of weak twos
3. Sufficient to put "Pressure Bids -- Please Ask" on the card
4. Alertable, only at the right vulnerability and seat position.
5. Alertable, at any vulnerability and seat position.
2 and 4
2 and 5
3 and 4
3 and 5
None of the above

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