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Problem hands after 1 - 2 - X (Part 2)

Assuming that you open 1♣ with a minimum balanced hand containing either 4-5 clubs or (43)33, what would you bid after 1♣ - 2♠ - X - P with an awkward hand without 4 hearts?

The first poll focused on what opener's 2NT rebid promises. If you wouldn't bid 2NT with some of the hands described there, what would you bid with, say, Jxx KQx AQx Jxxx?

I'd bid 3 with any 4 clubs.
I'd bid 3 with 3 strong diamonds and 4 weak clubs.
I'd bid 3 with 3 strong hearts and 4 weak clubs
I'd play 1NT 12-14 HCP so I wouldn't need to face these problems.
I'd bid 2NT regardless of whether I held a spade stopper.

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