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Profitable For-Profit Bridge Clubs

Alexander Woo thinks there are very few for profit clubs that are actually profitable. He may be right. If he is, he makes a second valid point. If there are no profitable clubs, my harping about them being important to the league's health, would, indeed, be moot.

I'm sure that information is not readily obtainable from Horn Lake. And, with there no longer being a CEO position at the helm, there may be no pressing need to know. Significant structural changes within the organization may no longer be on the table.  However, I would be curious to know if there is a correlation between profitable for-profit clubs and member growth. If there is, I'd then like to know if that holds true in both retirement and non-retirement areas of the country. I'd also like to know if there is any correlation between profitable clubs and having youth programs. 

Two questions:

Do you know, or think you know, of any profitable bridge clubs out there?

What do you consider constitutes a profitable for-profit club? Is it simply a business that provides an income of sorts to a sole proprietor or couple?  Is it one that provides a little extra income for a retiree? Or are there clubs out there where real, after labor, profits do exist?

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