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Proposal for mobile phones

Almost every major tournament I played lately (Dublin 2012, Lille 2012, and Cavendish 2014) I was able to bring my mobile phone inside the playing area without any problem.

I don't remember if it was supposedly forbidden on some of them, but it didn't matter, the truth is that at least half the field was doing the same.

When I moved to the toilet my first impression was that nothing stop me from turning on my phone and calling whoever I wanted, or maybe just leave messages to my team mates playing on the other table. There was nothing stopping this.

Let's face reality, in today's world people are so attached to their mobile phones that they won't want to leave them on any desk to a stranger.

One way to handle this would be for screens to have 4 boxes where each player would deposit his mobile phone on them at the start of the match. Maybe transparent ones so that you don't forget it on the way out.

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