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Proposal to Restore Multi 2 Diamond Opener in National Events

I am proposing that the Convention Committee of the ACBL restore the ability to use Multi 2 Diamonds in National Pair events for the following reasons:

1. Multi 2D has two constructive merits. First, it allows the hand to get right sided when partner is strong. Second, it frees up the use of 2H and 2S openers for other constructive purposes.

2. It puts the ACBL in step with most of the rest of the bridge-playing world where Multi enjoys fairly wide use. This reason should resonate even more now that the United States just finished hosting its first World Bridge Federation championships in 16 years.

3. By being able to use Multi 2D openers, expert American pairs can get more practice for international competition and certain American team games.

4. It resolves an inconsistency in current allowed conventions. Another application of Multi (a “Woolsey” 2 diamond bid over the opponents’ 1NT opener) is allowed.

When I was at the Summer Nationals in New Orleans, I got 4+ pages of signatures with very little time expended on my part. If desired, I will be happy to share such list with the Convention Committee as it encompasses an impressive array of American and international stars. I certainly do realize that petitions have their limitations but I was quite happy with the positive response.

Among those who did not wish to sign the petition, one semi-valid point was that it can slow the game down if people take a lot of time with the written defenses. IF this is the reason that the ban was put on Multi 2D, I think that restricting its use to National pair events and having pairs ready to play against Multi, without written defenses, is acceptable. Most of the responses against Multi in Option #1 or Option #2 are natural in any event. Thus, it is not that hard to bid against.

If there was concern about Multi, regarding the “strong” option that some pairs employ, I have no problem if Multi is restricted to the same point count as traditional weak two bids.

I am respectively asking the Convention Committee to reinstate Multi 2 Diamond openers in National Pair events and would be delighted to have further dialogue on this subject and/or engage others to do so with you.



Rick Roeder

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