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Protocol for Alerting With Screens

The post about all the various issues associated with alerting (or not) with screens made me curious.  Please share with me your thoughts - and why - about what should be done and what IS done in expert practice with screens regarding alerts.

I am particularly interested because when I kibitz, I find that most of the experts I watch do both alert well and offer to write explanations.  Wondering how common this is - or is not.

If I failed to list something important - please add it in the comments!

Please select up to 7 choices.

Most experts alert everything that is alertable on ACBL charts and any bids that they think might be unusual for their opponent.
Most experts only alert what is alertable on ACBL charts.
Most experts only alert what they think might be unusual for their opponent.
Most experts write out what an alert is if it is something unusual.
Most experts offer to write explanations and will do so if an opponent requests that they do so.
Most experts do not offer to write anything, irrespective if it is an "expected" alert or unusual.
There are no real straightforward answers to the above. Random, according to expert for both alerting practices and offering to write.
Everyone should alert and offer to write an explanation - especially for unusual bids and treatments.
It is not necessary to alert and offer an explanation for some bids.

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