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Punt Bids!

Where I hail from, the big island or, if you prefer, the small continent, the word 'punt' is used occasionally as a noun to describe some sort of, usually flat bottomed, water borne vehicle for crossing creeks/rivers. It is also commonly and widely used as both verb and noun in the world of gambling, as in, 'to have a punt on a horse' is to wager on the nag to do well in a race.

In bridge, one might also say, 'I punted 6', meaning that I abandoned scientific approaches and just bid it, gambling that it would be successful. I have noticed often enough, here on BW, Northern Hemisphere players refer to 'Punt Bid' in a completely different context that clearly has nothing to do with gambling, and what's more, different authors use the term, at least apparently to me, in different ways.

so this is a request. Could one or more of you erudite folk please explain what the range of meanings of 'APunt Bid' are, and support you explanations with an auction or two to illustrate the meaning.

Thanking you in advance for your explanations.

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