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Question from Opponent after Dummy comes down

What do you think of this question from a pro-player in the top section of the North American Pairs event?

The bidding was 1-1-1NT, passed out.  There were no alerts, and the card of the bidders said they played Bridge World Standard.

A low club is led and dummy comes down with:





Dummy plays the 9 and the partner of the leader asks dummy "How many clubs does declarer promise?"

I was dummy on this hand, and I took the question as giving away information to the one who led a club that the questioner has four clubs...which sure enough he had.  What do you think of this question?

Partner of leader had every right to ask about conventions after dummy comes down. His question was legitimate and the way he asked it was perfectly appropriate.
Partner of leader, by asking the question, gives unauthorized information to his partner and this is a clear violation. Director should have been called.
In between -- a question about conventions is legitimate, but the question should not have been asked that way. But, it's not a clear violation.
Other (because there's always an "other")

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