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Question re bridge clubs and the ADA/ACBL regulations

Someone physically incapable of playing E/W comes into a club to play with a partner--they MUST play N/S or they cannot play.

Is the club obligated, either under the Americans with Disabilities Act, or ACBL regulations, to give them a N/S?

Friend of mine went into a club to play recently, with her partner, about 45 minutes before gametime.  She uses two canes and walks with great difficulty--she cannot play E/W.  Went to register, asked director for a N/S, and was told "I'm sorry, I don't have any N/S available today".  When she asked the director to see if a N/S would switch, the director said, "I have three pairs that have to have a N/S and the rest are my regular customers."

My friend and her partner left the club, indignant.  I think we'd all agree that the decent, no the HUMAN thing to do is to give them a N/S, and if necessary TELL one of your regulars they can't play N/S today.

The question is, is the director OBLIGATED to do this, either by law (the ADA) or ACBL regulations?

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