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Questions about bridge terms

For my next book, I need some help. I think there are some missing terms in competitive bidding. I am dealing with strategic views on different competitive situations, and to be able to formulate general rules and modules that can work in several setups, I want to hear suggestions how to name and categorize the different layouts.


1X        PASS      PASS     ?

This is the easy one. If South bids we call it ”balancing.”


1X        PASS       1Y        ?

I think that this may be called: South enters the bidding in a live auction. My theory is that the auction can be called ”live” when your RHO bids anything but pass. Do you agree?


1X        1Y         DBLE      ?

In that case, this also is a ”live auction,” but what about


1X        1Y          PASS     ?

Now, when East pass, there is a break. There is no good antonym to live auction! So how do we define this type of situation?

You may ask why it is needed. I think the strategy has to change, depending on the momentum. When East bids you have to prepare for more competitive bidding, perhaps suggest a lead, but after the pass its more likely that NS take over the bidding.

Thanks for suggestions!

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