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Questions about Phoenix

I am thinking to bring my family to Phoenix couple of days before start of NABC for some kind of family vacation but not sure if it is a good idea.

If somebody can advise me of following:

1. How interesting is the place?

2. Is Phoenix as a city interesting or better concentrate on outside city trips?

3. Do we have a chance to look around the city without car or there is no good public transportation?

4. Is it a good idea to make a trip to Grand Canyon from Phoenix or better to go there from another place? (Las Vegas?) Is it advisable to taker tour there? (Are any trains or buses from Phoenix to Grand Canyon?)

5. What do you think about trips recommended on ACBL site? (Jeep, Air balloons, horse).

6. What would you recommend to see there?

We are planning to spend 3 or 4 days for non-bridge activities. Children are not kids anymore: 16 and 20.

Any advices, warnings and recommendation will be appreciated.

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