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Questions about "Vugraph" matches

As you know, I've been setting up some of the matches from Tom Reynolds' KO tournaments as "Vugraph" matches on BBO. I put Vugraph in quotes because these aren't real Vugraph matches - what they are is an easy way for people to find good team matches. By setting matches up as Vugraph, I get them to appear on the Vugraph schedule page with time zone adjusted for each person, and they show in the Vugraph theatre on BBO, so you can get to the match without having to drill down from "Competitive" to "Team Matches" and then search for the one you want to watch.

I have a couple of questions about these "Vugraph" matches and thought maybe a poll would get me answers.

Question 1: Because the Vugraph match is just a link, I don't need to set up both tables as Vugraph tables. If I just set one table up, you can click on that table in the Vugraph theatre list and then click on "other table" from the "hamburger" at the upper right to get to the other table. Setting up both tables is a little bit more work, but not much as long as there aren't a lot of matches on at once (at the moment I can't do it if there are more than 2 matches at once because I only have 4 Vugraph operator accounts that can do these matches). Do you care whether both tables are shown on the Vugraph theatre list?

Question 2: Other interesting to watch matches are practice matches between expert teams. Those are easy to find in the Team Matches list, because they tend to be higlighted and kept at the top of the list of matches. But of course you still have to know to look for them. Do you want me to try to set that sort of match up as a "Vugraph" match so it appears on the Vugraph schedule page and  is linked to the Vugraph theatre?

Please choose one of answers 1-3 and one of answers 4-6. Thanks. If you wanted an "other" answer, just put your comment in the comments :-)

Please select up to 2 choices.

I very much prefer having both tables of a match shown in the Vugraph theatre list
I somewhat prefer having both tables of a match shown in the Vugraph theatre list
I don't care whether both tables of a match are shown in the Vugraph theatre list
I would very much like to have expert practice matches on "Vugraph"
I would somewhat like to have expert practice matches on "Vugraph"
I don't care whether expert practice matches are on "Vugraph"

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