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Radical Revamp of NABC Schedules?

Radical Revamping of Schedules for NABCs (But not too)

Spring NABC

1. Vanderbilt (7 days) Beginning Day 1

2. 3-Day National Pair Event Beginning Day 1 (Drop ins from Vandy?)

3. 3-Day Red, Silver or Senior Event Beginning Day 4

4. 3 Days of Regionally rated KOs Beginning Day 5

5. 6 Days of 2-session Regionally Rated Pair Events Beginning Day 2 6. 3 days of Nationally-rated Swiss Teams Beginning Day 5

7. Finals of the Vanderbilt on and Swiss on Day 7

8. 6 Evening only single session pair games Beginning Day 1

Schedule had a bit for everyone. Does eliminate IN Program at Nationals. (Maybe more ACBL financial aid to IN Programs at Regionals?)

Summer NABC Spingold (7 days)

Same as above

Fall NABC Reisinger (7days)

Same as above

Discussion Points:

Less Expensive for players and ACBL? More focus on the National events? Give up the notion that the Nationals should have something for every level of player? Fair Drop-In policy? (Drop In Score graded in sync with length of survival in team event?) USBF in charge of selecting TDs for National Team Event and 3-day pair event? USBF in charge of Appeals process for above events? (Expenses approved by ACBL) USBF in charge of Vugraph for above events? (Expenses approved by ACBL) 8. Possible surcharge on Major Team Event and Pair Event with revenue to USBF?

Along with the above discussion points:

Reduction in size of ACBL Board? (Fewer rules and regs to mull over) Maybe larger attendance at Regionals and Sectionals? (Smaller attendance at NABCs?) Encouragement to newbies and I/Ners to venture out to Sectionals and Regionals for beefed up IN Programs, Gold Rush stuff, Bracketed KO stuff

Well, that’s about all the Off-the-Cuff and Out-of the-Box thinking an Old Woman whose close friend is Mary Jane can do. I have found a new expense free hobby! Open Mouth and Insert Foot.

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