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Randy Corn 1951-2014

Most of you are probably not aware that Seattle area expert Randy Corn was also a web developer who worked on the first version of this, the Bridge Winners site, with me. He helped develop the convention card editor and a javascript box for making handviewer hands. He put in countless unpaid extra hours for love of the idea of this site.

Many of you just knew him as just a really great guy and a very fine bridge player who will be greatly missed.

His brother Phil posted this on Randy's facebook page at

"Friday Randy had a wonderful day playing two sessions of bridge and going to dinner with his great friends. Randy called 911 at 2:17 am with chest pain. I was told by the Medical Examiner that he was awake and alert when they arrived and he gave them my name and number in case of an emergency. The medical examiner contacted me just before 5 a.m. Stating that Randy had passed away in the ambulance in the parking lot at Randy's marina. Randy was only 63. There is a history of heart disease in the Corn family, his dad passed away at 67 and his grandfather at 63"

Good bye my friend.

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