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rare book: IBL Championships 1934 - do you have one in the attic?

Championship der international bridge league: Wien, 7.-12 juni 1934: 1800 Spiele (45 matches à 40 Spiele) (Vienna: Stern), 199 pp. – IBL Championship 1934 – Stern with the assistance of Egon Watza and Manfred Wlaschütz. OCLC 68512775

This book was compiled by Dr Paul Stern.

Images here:

Look at that, and the next 5. Facebook account needed.

Do you have one of these books? does your library or local bookshop have one? It looks like only 200 were published. The Netherlands Bridge Museum very kindly sent me some photos, and an email about it, and their particular copy (do read the story).

The reason I am asking is because it is extremely rare, and it would be good if we were able to try to make sure that whatever copies remain ... reach a good bookshelf or archive ... rather than attract dust and deteriorate, or heavens forbid, get thrown away.

The site that has these photos ... well worth following it, as they are constantly publishing interesting material.


Email from the Bridge Museum, in The Netherlands

The tournament was held in Vienna with 10 participating countries: Belgium, Denmark, the UK, Norway, Sweden, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia , Austria, and the Netherlands.

Dr. Stern compiled 1800 hands from the 45 matches.Our museum has the numbered book 167/200 in its collection. It was gifted by a descendant of a Jewish Hungarian, who went into hiding in The Netherlands during the years of WO II. Apparently he thought himself to play bridge by endlessly studying the contents of this IBL 1934 book. It was a way to pass the time.Each of the 45 matches consisted of 40 hands, which are printed in the book onto 3 to 6 A4-pages. The second part of the book contains foldable sheets with results as well as the hands.The Austrian journalists used quite a chauvinistic approach to calculate the results, with not Hungary winning the tournament but Austria.The book was published 9 months after the tournament.

with kind regards,

Wesll Deckers, your contact at the

Dutch Bridge MuseumPostal adress: Watertorenlaan 25 - 4141 HT - Leerdam - Telephone: +31 (0)345 - 631 799


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