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Rearranged match in a local league

You are a member of a committee running a new teams league at the local club. Matches are held on set evenings but can be rearranged upon request of one of the teams.

For the third date, unexpectedly to you, one match doesn’t take place (neither team shows up). Unfortunately, the club has turned away a (non-league) match for that evening, believing they would be at full capacity.

The facts are these –

  • Prior to the draw, Team A informed another committee member in writing that it was likely they couldn’t make the first or third dates.
  • This was taken as confirmation that the match on the first date would be rescheduled; However, the committee member didn’t pass on the message regarding the third date.
  • A week or two later, after the draw had been made, Team A contacted Team B directly regarding the rearrangement, so the club/committee were not aware of this correspondence.
  • Team A believed they had given notice of the rearrangement.
  • Team B didn't communicate with the club or committee regarding the rearrangement.
  • As the league is fairly new, it has no published regulations.

How would you deal with this? Some might argue you should issue a (VP-based) fine to Team A – they only said they were “likely” to need to rearrange. Some might argue that you should fine Team B – it wasn’t their choice that the match be rearranged, but they too could have informed the organisers that it wasn’t taking place as scheduled. Some might argue that it’s just one of those things, and the only action to take now is to try to stop it from happening again in future. What do you think your committee should do?

Fine Team A
Fine Team B
Fine both teams
Fine neither team

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