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Rebid after 1NT Force Response

Suppose you open 1S and rebid 2D over partner's 1NT forcing response.

1S - P - 1NT - P - 2D

In your system, do you show at least 4 diamonds? This seems to deviate from Max Hardy's original approach of rebidding the best minor which could be a 3-card club suit (5233 pattern). What does your minor suit rebid mean (assume only 5 spades and minimum opening values)? I'm interested in polling for the popularity of each approach.


Also, do you have to alert the club rebid if it could be as short as two?

I rebid the longest minor so my 2D rebid could have only 3 diamonds
I rebid 2C if I don't have a 4-card diamond suit. So my pattern could be 5332

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