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Rebid over an accepted insufficient bid

Before I catch flack for not presenting this as a bidding poll, let me state that I tried.  But the bidding poll format would not accept an insufficient bid, and so here I am.

Facing a (temporarily) snoozing partner and a pair of oblivious opponents, you must resolve a unique problem: what to bid over an insufficient bid that has been accepted.

In second chair, all vul in a sectional open pair event, you open the bidding with 2NT on K2, A8, AKJT83, AT2.  LHO passes and partner responds 2!  You think you have given away the show by making a quizzical face.  CHO makes a move toward the bidding box but first RHO passes -- which I assume is accepting the insufficient bid, although table presence tells you that neither RHO nor LHO has noticed what has transpired.

2 response to a 1NT opening and 3 response to a 2NT opening would each be transfers.

What do you call?


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