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Rebidding 2M after a 2/1 response

What doesrebidding 2 of your Major show after a 2/1 response of 2C/2D or 2H?

Context is 2/1 forcing to 3N or higher. Can get out in 4m if necessary.

In comments please state which if any rebids by Opener show extras for you.

EDIT ADDED re the first two comments. I did not go details about default agreements because I wanted to see just the answer to this question.

Your default agreements had better line up with this answer or you have problems.

However, you can rephrase question 4 as "Is 2M your default rebid when you have no other bid." This allows 2N and various extra showing rebids to be well defined.

Another possibility is that 2N is your default rebid even without ideal stoppers/shape and/or that you can bid a new suit at the 3 level and/or rebid 2S after H without showing extras.

Rebidding my Major absolutely promises 6
Rebbing my Major promises 6 but there are a few hands where I lie as least of evils
Rebidding my Major tends to be 6 but there are quite a few hands with only 5
Rebidding my Major is neutral. Just says I cannot make another more descriptive bid.

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