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Rebidding a Diamond Suit

My partner and I play SAYC. Holding Q95, Q64, AQ42, Q73, he opened 1. I responded 2 holding K6, AJ98, K5, A9862. He rebid 2 showing a minimum. The rest of the auction is a bit hazy, but I eventually bid 3NT.

Holding A, K52, T973, KJT54, the opponent on opening lead, chose to lead the J (my first bid suit). Upon seeing her partner discard on trick 1, she screamed for the director. "He only has four diamonds! If I had known that his rebid didn't promise 5, I would have led a diamond!" (his first bid suit).

The director did not find damage as a result of the failure to alert, however, I received a lecture about alerting this bid in the future. I can't recall seeing my partner turn over four diamonds, and certainly not three diamonds on these auctions, but it is possible in our system. Alerting that my partner could have 3 diamonds on this auction seems (1) more misleading than helpful and (2) a waste of time.

If I am asked to alert this bid, should major suit rebids in 2/1 be alerted when they do/do not promise an additional card in the suit?

Thanks. Amy


Alert Diamond Rebid
Alert Not Necessary for Diamond Rebid

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