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Redouble after transfer

You are playing a team game in North America (New England if it matters) and your side is vulnerable while the opponents are not. You are playing with an expert partner but you have only had time to discuss a few obvious things like "2/1", 15-17 notrump, etc.

You deal and open 1NT, and after a pass, partner transfers with 2. RHO doubles this (lead-directing) and, having only two hearts, you pass. LHO also passes and now partner redoubles.

What does this show? Please try to pick the closest option even if the details are slightly off. Use "Something else" for something significantly different.

A retransfer; doubler's partner will be on lead; responder can have any strength; only way to "punish" doubler would have been for responder to pass unilaterally, hoping to make 2X.
A retransfer, allowing normal continuations; resp. promises at least invitational strength (else he would bid 2, putting doubler on lead); opener can pass for business but rare (at least Hxxx)
An offer to play 2XX; resp. promises at least invitational strength with four/more ; we probably can make if opener has approx. Hxx.
I would normally play this as an offer to play 2XX but only if we've had time to discuss it. "Standard" bidding requires me to bid 2.
Something else, described in a comment.

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