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Redouble Trouble

Red vs. white Partner opens 1 major in second chair and your RHO doubles.

You are an "I've Got a Secret" believer and only redouble with 4 or more cards in 2 of the other suits & 10+hcp.

Your XX denies 3 card support.

After your XX and LHO's pass your partner rebids his major.


What kind of hand does partner have?


Opener's hand is in the first comment.

If you do not agree with the opener's rebid how would you change the hand to conform to your idea, if any, of a hand that meets your criteria for rebidding the major before waiting to hear LHO & partner's further calls.

How might vulnerability and owning spades instead of hearts factor into your decision.

Minimum hand high offense/defense ratio
Any Minimum hand with extra length
Minimum hand Extra length in a poor suit (not high ODR)
Non Minimum hand but high ODR (<2 defensive tricks)
Good suit in hand unsuitable for a jump rebid (<7 losers?)
Something else which you will hopefully describe

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