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Regulating agreements

There appear to be at least 3 different approaches to regulating player agreements across the world; if you know of more please let us know.

Australia and New Zealand take a minimalist approach and only regulate the use of Highly Unusual Methods.

The ACBL has taken a comprehensive legal approach and regulates each bid on a case-by-case basis.

The EBU has taken a mathematical approach and created a framework of rules against which individual methods can be validated. Note that in general only the opening bids are regulated; continuations and defences are not. 

Competition Levels

Different regulations apply in different levels of competition.

'Down Under' this may simply be whether HUMs are allowed or not.

In ACBL there are at least three level's of regulations, General, Mid and Super Chart.

In EBU there are now only 3 levels: 2,4, and 5 (numbering is historic), however level 5 events are rare. Almost all events, club or tournament, are now level 4.


EBU regulations are contained in the Blue Book which can be found here:

Perhaps someone could include links for other jurisdictions.





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