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Relay Breaks

I'm once again working on my MOSCITO notes.  Right now, I am focusing on expanding the treatment of Relay Breaks.  In my experience, there's not much good information available regarding relay breaks.  (Certainly nothing that folks who are new to relay methods can figure out)


I'm attaching an simple outline for the chapter.  I would be especially interested in hearing from other relay biddings how they make use of relay breaks.  (For simplicity, assume that you're in a game forcing auction)


Relay Breaks

* What is a relay break?

     **Auction termination as a special case

* Why are relay breaks useful?    

     **Use “wasted” bidding space to improve our results

* What should a relay break show?    

     **Meaning of relay break Should depend on the previous auction

     **Trade off between

          ***Memory load


* Critical information that we want to convey

     ** Limit hand strength of an otherwise unlimited hand

          *** Facilitate bash to game

          *** Switch from exploring slam to investigating strain

     ** Presence absence of stoppers for 3NT

          *** Natural bidding often works better to intelligently explore 3NT

     ** Identify a “misfit”         

          *** Goal – Suggest 3N as a contract

          *** Definition of a Misfit              

               **** If RR has a known 4+ card suit, Relay break shows 0-1 opposite

               **** RR has two suiter, relay break shows the other two suits

* Examples

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