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Repeat Locations for Nationals

I’ve long thought that Nationals would benefit from using the same locations over and over. But ACBL seems to think having a different location every time is somehow better. I’ve been told that they believe this for two main reasons:

1. Volunteers are a big part of making these tournaments work and they don’t want to burn them out in a particular geographic area.

2. Players want to travel and see new areas of the country.

So my idea is simple ACBL should pore over their prior Nationals and if fall Nationals in Las Vegas was deemed the “best,” then all fall Nationals hence forth are in Las Vegas. Summer Nationals would be somewhere else but always in that location, etc. Here’s an analogy: In the sports world...the tennis majors are always in London, Paris, Melbourne and NY -- they don't go to XYZ, OH just to rotate around.

I think having Nationals in repeat locations makes more sense because:

1. If we are not switching locations, then we will need to pay the workers. The paid workers (not volunteers) will know what they are doing and therefore fewer will be needed. This change would result in a more positive experience for the players (for several reasons) and thus more desire of said player to return again and again.

2. The locations will become “tried and true” and therefore avoid a fiasco like we saw in Hawaii last fall. It also seems like there might be a case for two tiers of entry fees: one for if you stay at the host hotel and a slight increase if you choose not to.

3. Better hotel rates. If a hotel knows you are a good customer and you’re coming back year after year, they’ll bend over backwards for you. ACBL would get better contracts with said hotel; cheaper rates and more perks.

4. More positive experience. Repeat hotels would have the ability to learn our specialized needs and desires and can therefore predict such things and rise to the occasion.

5. Reduced time and effort for ACBL. I can’t imagine the amount of energy and time ACBL is going through each time they book a new hotel. Hotels are all so very different and staff is so different. They are seriously reinventing the wheel three times a year.

I believe several of the items above will result in such a savings that there would be no need for volunteers. And the customer would have a more positive experience. All of this would outweigh the desire to visit a new location every Nationals.

Yes, I would like repeat locations for Nationals.
No, I like different locations every Nationals.

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