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Reporting an Unethical Incident

During the world championships, there was an incident at my table where a defender following suit blatantly broke tempo with 2 very small trumpsto give a suit preference signal. This was my first opportunity in the last couple years to go through the process of reporting an incident.

Soon after the set of boards was over I went straight to the directors and told them what had happened. At the time I thought my responsibilities were complete. Later in the week I approached another director and asked if anything came of what I reported. He told me that telling the directors does absolutely nothing and that I need to fill out the form on the website.

I then went on to fill out the form, which was quite a long form requiring a lot of details about where/when/what/who. If I didn't do it right away, I would likely have forgotten enough of the information to deem the report useless. There should be a computer on site with the form available, ideally with a lot of the tournament/event information already filled out.

In my opinion, the directing staff need to have a bigger role in these incidents. A player reporting the incident to directors should automatically trigger them submitting it to the HLPC. If I hadn't approached the other director, I would have assumed this to be the case. At a minimum, if the directors are not responsible for submitting the report, they should be responsible for telling the person reporting it that the only way to report it is to go through the HLPC form on the website.

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