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Responding to 1NT after a Landy 2C overcall

The Landy defence to 1NT (2 showing the majors and other bids natural) is one of the simplest approaches to overcalling over a 1NT opening, although many partnerships now play something more sophisticated.  More recently, however, the Multi Landy defence has become more popular, at least in the UK.  Since the 2 overcall is identical to that bid in simple Landy, it seems worthwhile to develop the best counter measures for this particular situation.

Any system of responding to 1NT after a Landy 2 overcall needs to take account of the following issues: 

  • Should the overcall simply be ignored?  In that case a double presumably shows values and some interest in penalizing the opponents.
  • If "system is on" as described above, are 4 suit transfers being played?
  • Should responder be able to show 5+ cards in a major suit, either via a natural bid or a transfer?  A contract in this suit might sometimes be the best spot for the opening side.
  • Should Lebensohl still apply?  If so, how might it be modified?
  • Should 2 show clubs and 2 show diamonds?
  • Should there be a way to show a minor 2 suiter?  If so, which strengths of hand can be shown?

What is your system of responses to 1NT after a Landy 2 overcall?  Please vote for the option that corresponds fairly closely with what you play, or select "other" if you do something significantly different.

System is on, with 4 suit transfers
System is on, without 4 suit transfers
Normal Lebensohl
Lebensohl, with modifications - please specify in a comment if possible
2 and 2 show the corresponding minor suit
Other - please specify in a comment if possible

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