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Responding to expert sniping

Recently I was defending a hand against a fairly strong player who was dummy.

During the auction partner had overcalled 1s; dummy had 2s; we play UDCA. The opening lead was a spade, to which I contributed my 2 from 42 doubleton.

Later in the play, partner led the second round of spades. I was assembling what I knew about the hand so far. It didn't occur to me at the time that this could be considered unethical in any way and I wasn't even aware that I had broken tempo until after the hand, when my RHO mini-expert asked the table in general, "what about that hesitation with s4 then?".

After some reflection I became quite annoyed with this - especially since the only person at the table (apart from dummy) who could in any way be misled by a hesitation here was partner!

In the past, when offered gratuitous lessons by "name"  players, I have tried calling the Director to point out that I have not asked for lessons, nor am prepared to pay for them; but that if <xyz> wishes to make a formal complaint, here is the Director, please do so. This hasn't worked conspicuously well (apart from wasting everyone's time).

So, in a not altogether serious vein, how should I respond to free lessons in future?

Acknowledge the annoying buzzing sound but otherwise ignore it
Invite the Director to the table (with or without flashing the Zero Tolerance card first)
Gushingly acknowledge the help and ask for an autograph
Congratulate them on their latest National win, presumably done with no help from table feel whatsoever
Go back to playing on BBO

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