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Response to comments of John Vos on "parochialism" of Bridge Winners and the U.S.

Since another thread has closed, I would like to address Mr. Vos' comments here (as they were, at least in part, a reply to some comments of my own).

Mr. Vos said:  "The perceived 'anti-American' comments (to which I, Melanie Manfield, referred in my own comment) have arisen from the parochial nature of the site (BW) which is perhaps understandable given the parochial nature of our nation . . . . The recent forays into exposing cheating highlit this . . . . Most of the U.S. - affiliated posters truly appeared to believe that cheating was a "European problem" as we were beyond reproach. . . . "

First, I would like to note that Mr. Vos implied twice that he is from the United States  -- saying:  "our nation", and then again "we".  Perhaps he is.  However, there is an English bridge player with the name John Vos; in addition, Mr. Vos's style of writing would be unusual for an American.  I have emailed him on BW to inquire; perhaps he is American or has recently moved to the U.S. and adopted this country as his own.  If not -- he is certainly free to say whatever he likes -- but would it not be more transparent to acknowledge from whence his comments originate?

Now, to address the substance of the comments:  

It is not true (yes, this is an opinion -- but a strong one) that most U.S. bridge players think that we are  "above reproach" with respect to cheating.  Most of us believe that any country -- including our own -- can have a few "rotten apples" in the barrel -- including the U.S.

Please stop generalizing about Americans, about Poles -- about any nationality.  We are individuals; we are not all alike.

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