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Responsive, penalty, or something else?

For a partnership that plays responsive doubles, what's the best use for a double after (2)-double-(3)?  And if double is responsive here, is there a way to defend 3 doubled?

In case it matters to your answer, assume matchpoints, nobody vulnerable and first seat opener.  

Double should be responsive (asking for partner's better minor). If you want to defend 3H doubled, pass and partner will reopen with a minimum and heart shortness..
Double should be responsive. If you pass, partner should reopen only with extras. With heart tricks and not enough to bid 3N, either bid 3N anyway or pass.
Double should show 4 spades, invitational or better.
Double should be for penalties. Who wants to play 4 of a minor anyway? And if you want to play 5 of a minor, bid 4N to ask for partner's better minor.

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