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Reverse or 1NT?

Assume you are playing a 2/1 game forcing system with 15-17 1NT openings with a partner about the same skill level as yourself in a moderate level field in last week's ACBL Instant Matchpoint game.

With which hands below would you open 1NT and with which would you open your minor and reverse to 2 after a 1 response?

Hand 1:  53  Q1072  AJ  AKQ82

Hand 2:  95  AKJ8  AK974  75

(You can assume you play some form of Ingberman/Lebensohl over reverses if that affects your decision.)

Reverse with both hands
Open 1NT with both hands
Reverse on Hand 1 and open 1NT with Hand 2
Open 1NT with Hand 1 and reverse with Hand 2

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