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Reviving the Recorder System

We now have a new National Recorder, Robb Gordon. I have taken on (again) the job of district 20 recorder.

I was handed a form on Sunday, and took care of the issue, resulting in a warning about behavior and placing the form in their

permanent record, with a warning that another form WILL result in a C & E or Ethical Oversight committee hearing.

Before I could transmit my actions to Rob, he had already sent me an email asking for a copy of the form and the resolution.

I sent that to him last night, and sent an email to the complainant thanking them for filing the form, along with how the issue was resolved, this morning.

So for those of you have given up on the system (and who can blame you), there is a whole new regime, headed by someone who actually wants to see the system work. 

So please, if you have an issue, file that form

(you can do this online if you prefer )

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