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Congratulations Richard Fleet

Congratulations on becoming one of the select few recipients of the EBU Silver Award whichis given for outstanding contribution and recognition of long service as a volunteer at national and/or County level.

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From the EBU website:

"Richard has served on numerous committees throughout his bridge administration 'career'.

He has sat on the EBU Selection Committee from 1982 to 2006 (with only one year off in the mid-1990s), five of those year's as Chairman. He has also served on the Laws & Ethics Committee for a total of 14 years from 1981 up to and including the current committee. He has also served on the EBU Constitutional Commission and was a member of the Conventions Working Party.

In addition to his work with the EBU, Richard has served on the committee of the London Metropolitan Bridge Association for 20 years, with ten of those as Chairman).

In 2016 Richard wrote a comprehensive book, 'Tournament Bridge in England: 1925-1945', which he donated to the EBU."

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