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RIP Henry Bethe 1944-2015


Bridge Winners and the bridge community lost an important member on Sunday night (June 7th), when Henry Bethe passed away. Henry was a renowned player having won 3 NABC events (1968, 1987, and 1991) and obtained the status of ACBL Grand Life Master. He unfortunately suffered from a variety of health problems in his later years, and eventually succumbed in the end to cardiac arrest from pulmonary complications. Henry was the son of Physics Nobel Laureate Hans Bethe (one of the creators of the Atom Bomb), and is survived by his son Paul and mother Rose.

As a Bridge Winners member Henry Bethe tirelessly contributed to the site. He was there from the site's early days 6 years ago, regularly posting interesting hands, articles, and comments. Moreover, Henry loved to generate lively discussions about various aspects of our game. Here are a few of his more popular articles: Real Bridge, Another Beauty from BBO,  Anti-Dumping Methods, From the Old DaysMost Influential Bridge Players, and Long Ago and Far Away

Henry could be seen frequently providing expert commentary on Vugraph matches. I was also fortunate enough to have him as a coach and captain of our Junior team in Mangaratiba, Brazil in 2001. As a captain Henry was there for whatever we needed, whether it be technical guidance, getting us refocused, or offering a humorous anecdote to put things in perspective. 

Henry will be missed. I invite you to share your thoughts and stories below.

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