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Rome Wasn't Built in a Day -- Continuing ACBL IT Problems

ACBL (Club dept.) sent an e-mail about noon today (presumably MS (Central Standard) time, subject:

ALERT - ACBLscore Version 8.01 – Incorrect Fees




A programming error regarding fees was discovered in ACBLscore v. 8.01. The field to charge the new fees that go into effect April 1, 2016 was not functioning.

If you have installed this version between the afternoon of Tuesday, Feb. 16, and Saturday morning, Feb. 20, you will need to re-install the program. Please get the new download at:

The corrected version will not charge you the new fees until you submit your April 2016 club reports.

We apologize for this oversight and inconvenience.


The ACBL Team

  • Mr. Hodus has been ACBL's CIO for less than a year.
  • Mr. Hodus is still working out the kinks and getting the operation in proper order.  
  • Besides the hardware and interface problems, he apparently needs to overhaul (create?) an internal Quality Assurance/testing group.
  • Meanwhile, we must continue being patient while expecting continued improvements in all areas. 


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