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Ron Pachtman


Ron, known as Ronpa, is playing in his first Bermuda Bowl, but has already achieved other success internationally. Together with his partner Eldad they won the 2007 European Open Championships, placed 3rd in the 2010 European Team Championship and made the semi-finals of the 2010 Rosenblum.

Otherwise his major success so far is that Gino still likes playing with him. He lives in Kfar Saba, Israel with girlfriend Dana (who is about to get better than me very soon) and their dog Miki (who wants to learn bridge but is having hard time learning the 2/1 system). Ronpa and Gino also run a bridge club in Kfar Saba.


  • BBO Name :Ronpa
  • Residence : Kfar Saba, Israel
  • Date of Birth : July 7, 1978
  • Favorite Convention : T-Walsh (Walsh Transfers)
  • Regular Partner : Eldad Ginossar


Year Place Event
2010 4 13th World Series Championships (Open Teams)
2010 3 50th European Team Championships (Open Teams)
2007 1 3rd European Open Championships (Open Teams)
2007 2 NABC+ Fast Open Pairs



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