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Rough your partner's winner high now, or rough my loser high later. - Your Choice

Sunday swiss vs expert pair:


North opens 1d opponents are silent



                        xxx A9xx AkQxx A

Kxxx J10xx xxxx J                        AQx 8 xx Q87xxxx

                        xxx KQxx xx K109x

Terry Klein (my partner)

Gene Kales Richard Ferrin


lead was a diamond. Then I unblocked the A of clubs noting J dropping to my left (now with long clubs to my left hearts are likely to not behave if I tried a hook, and hearts are likely 4-1). A heart to the K 8 spot looked strange. Then I played the K of clubs (either lefty had QJ tight or stiff J, if he had both I should play K to set up clubs without having to rough, if he had the stiff J I shouldn't play low since he won't rough and I would have to rough else we lose a club and 3 spades), he rough's the 10 and I over rough the A. Now there's a certain heart loser if my initial assumption of the 4-1 break was right so I must be able to pitch a spade on his heart winner if I were to make the contract. I played a heart to the Q ...lo and behold I was right, so I had 9 heart in dummy and 2 little in hand the only way I could make the contract is if lefty started with exactly 4 diamonds, so I played 3 top diamonds and pitched a spade in hand on the 3rd, then played a 4th diamond and prayed, roughed in hand then played a club and west was screwed. If he roughs with his last high honor I pitch a spade and now I have an entry to my good diamond and a trump to rough a spade or a club. Losing 2 spades and a trump. If he pitches a spade I rough in dummy and play the diamond and pitch either the club or spade loser and I lose 3 tricks, forcing him to rough one of his partner's winners


               xxx 9 x -

Kxxx J - -                AQx - - Q8

               xx x - 109

10 of clubs lead by south, what can lefty do but despair. If he roughs I pitch a spade losing a heart and 2 spades making 4. If he pitches a spade I rough with my 9 play my winning diamond and pitching a loser from hand. If he roughs I have a trump and 2 losers again making 4, if he doesn't I only lose my last 3 trick.

This qualifies as a trump Coup since declarer was able to maintain the same trump length; It's also an envelopment play since the heart honors and spots were surrounding each other; There's a loser on loser play if opponent roughs his partner's winner; The hand involved a strip endplay since lefty was stripped of diamonds and clubs; It was a Morton's fork since lefty had a loose-loose decision.

This is perhaps the most interesting and best hand I've ever played (and gotten right) at the table. Excluding a few lv 5 Bridge Master problems on BBO.

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