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Round - Robin to multiple qualifiers IDEA


and also reflecting upon the D4 GNTs which I recently played.  In the D4 GNTs, we had 5 teams in the champion flight.  One team was blitzed twice in the round robbin and had two close matches.  I was thinking that performance against a weaker team isn't the best gauge of which of the strong teams ought to qualify for a knockout.


An alternative way to determine the qualifiers would be to VP the round robbin.  But instead of qualifying the top 2 VPS, instead take the lowest performing team and eliminate them.  Then remove their scores from every other team.  Then repeat the process until only 3 teams remain, and treat it like a 3-way to make 2. 

If instead you were qualifying 8 from a RR of 15, you would just eliminate teams from the bottom up.  


In essence, this reduces the randomness of teams playing desperately in later rounds and thus loosing by larger margins and also eliminates the effect of a very weak team scoring a lucky upset against one team while being blitzed by everyone else.


In the D4 finals, we qualified, but we would not have qualified if this was in effect, nor would the team we faced in the finals.  

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