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Rules and Regulations Committee — Wrocław 2016


Bulletin #2 p 9

For many years now we have been a proud member of the Olympic movement. We have amended our Constitution to comply with IOC requirements, we have adopted anti-doping measures and have done all we can to make bridge an Olympic sport. But we want it to be a clean sport and to appear to be a clean Olympic sport.

So, many years ago we introduced screens and bidding boxes. We now have our own symmetric cards and we have the technology to record matches. We have rules that tell the players how to use the bidding cards and how to handle the playing cards. Here in Wroclaw we are bringing in three more, so please make sure your players are aware of them:

1. Only dummy or declarer may remove the tray from the table and only dummy or declarer may put the board back in the centre of the table.2. During the auction, all calls should touch the lower bar of that players’ segment of the tray and overlap slightly the previous call.3. Defenders must not intentionally vary the orientation of their played cards.

If these and other requirements are observed there should be no need for suspicion or accusation of unethical behavior.However, to a large extent it is up to the players to keep our game clean. They know when they are being cheated. It is their duty to tell their captain, who may advise his concerns to the chief tournament director. It is preferable for the players to avoid confrontation at the table, for they have enough work to do. Better to leave it to the NPCs.Finally, let there be no mistake: The WBF will do whatever it takes to bring cheats to justice and it will enforce the penalties defined in the Laws without fear or favour.

– John Wignall, Chairman.

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