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Ruling please

In the four card ending dummy has Q32 of hearts and the duece of clubs. Declarer has the  AJT of hearts and the Ace of spades. 

Contract is four spades.  Declarer has lost three tricks.  

Declarer is in dummy. The defenders have no trump left. The defenders have a higher club than the two.

Declarer turns to his LHO and says " Do you have the king of hearts?  I am taking the heart finesse, and if you have the king I am down one".

He then shows his hand without further declaring a line of play.

Defenders examine the hand and call you, the director, for a ruling.

Defenders say "Have declarer lead the three of hearts and take his finesse.  He wins the ten and is now down one. He didn't say he was leading the queen.  If he leads the Queen and it holds he is taking two finesses".  

Declarer says "Oh for goodness sakes.  Of course I am leading the queen.  You can't make me do something stupid".  (Ignore the irony and the obvious comment, and just make the ruling)


Making Four
Down one.

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