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Ruling the game

Recently at a club game we had this unusual situation occur. The contract was 1 H, and the opening lead was the 10 of clubs. The dummy hit the table showing a void in clubs, and 2 hearts. The declarer ruffed the club with a heart from the dummy and play of the hand progressed, with the declarer winning a later club in his hand with the Ace of clubs and sluffing something irrelevant to the making of the hand from the dummy. At trick 12, everyone at the table noticed that the dummy only showed one card left to play and when dummy straightened the hand, he showing a little club sticking to the underside of the lonely diamond in the dummy. At this point, the director was called and the ruling made was that the 'mistake' made no difference in the play and no adjusting was done to the board. My questions.....

1. Is this an established revoke?

2. Who is responsible to make sure dummy shows all the cards?

3. What is the correct ruling on this hand? The 'revoking' hand won the trick, and won several tricks after that one as well. The hand records showed that the actual result of the hand would have been the same without this irregularity.

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