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Run or stay or ...?

Pairs, all vul.

xx xx KJx AQJ109x

Partner 1NT (15-17), you 3NT, next hand doubles (which is explained as 'partner, lead my major') and partner and RHO pass.

Your partner is national top expert level, but you didn't play before with him and you didn't discuss this situation. 

What do you think and bid?

If my partner had doubt, he would have redoubled. He didn't, so I can pass now.
If my partner wants to stay in 3NT, he will xx. He did pass, so he has doubt and I have to run now.
I have no idea what pard has, so I run from 3NT x
I have no idea what pard has, so I stay in 3NT x
I have a lot of tricks, so I redouble for business
Something else (please explain)

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