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San Francisco Suit Combo
At the recent NABC in San Francisco, I held a cool suit combination that I had seen before, so I was ready to take full advantage. What made it remarkable is that the poor defenders had no way to protect themselves against being victimized.
First, imagine that on defense, you hold QJ doubleton behind the dummy, which holds 108xxxx.  When the declarer calls for a small card from dummy, what should you play?  
It may look like it does not matter which honor you play, but imagine if the declarer holds Ax. If you play the Queen and declarer plays Ace and another, your partner might reasonably hop with Kxx assuming declarer had AJx.  Thus, with QJ doubleton you must play the Jack to clarify the suit for partner.
Now, let's change the declarer's hand to AKx as it was in SF.  When I led from dummy, my  RHO followed suit on the first round with the Queen.  As shown above, it must be singleton.  So I won the Ace and led low on the next round, stealing a trick from J9x.   I chose to play Ace as opposed to the King on the first round because of the quality of my opponents.
Since they were helpless to defeat the gambit, could I have claimed when the Queen popped?
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