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Editor's note: The following letter has been circulated among top players in Philadelphia and is being published here to help inform the world bridge community.

We are a group of concerned bridge players. This signatory letter is a result of issues arising from the recent cheating scandals.

Bridge is a difficult and fascinating game, and it is really difficult to always do and behave perfectly at the bridge table. However, there is a massive difference between our behavioral imperfections and those players who have destroyed our game via deliberate and collusive cheating.

We appreciate and applaud the efforts of the national and international federations in dealing with this cancer. We have no doubt that they share our common cause. Yet we also see that there are times when their hands are tied by the red tape of bureaucracy and the maze of legal interpretations.

Bridge players around the world have a right to decide where to play and against whom. It is for this reason that we ask the organizers of major tournaments for full transparency regarding participants. Concerned players can then make a decision as to whether they wish to withdraw from the event.

Players signing this letter commit to playing bridge with honor and integrity, in the absence of which the very soul of the game is in jeopardy.

We hope you will support us in protecting the game and wear your “Say NO to cheats” badge with pride.

As of noon Wednesday, this was the state of the letter:

During play today, there were a sea of people proudly wearing their SAY NO TO CHEATS badges:

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